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HiteNeha, A Life Journey.. from stranger to fiancee..to hubby..

HiteNeha, A Life Journey
HiteNeha, A Life Journey

From stranger to fiancee..to hubby..

Mirror mirror on the wall, Tell me where is he who is tall.. Who is funny and hilarious, And it makes him world jealous.. Is he hiding somewhere far? Or is he closer than the stars..

Mirror mirror on the wall, Tell me where is she.. who is gorgeous like winter fall.. Who will gel with my family and friends, And her love will remain till the end? I know she is nearby me.. When will she confess.. I love thee?

Patience my child.. Patience, Its worth all the wait.. I wont let your love filled heart turn to hate.

A thousand meetings, A thousand fights.. Yes, I know he is not my types..
A thousand talks, A thousand words.. She does not make my heart spur.

Excuse your heart to cry when its full.. Life will give you chances to be grateful.

With a new ray of light, I saw Hiten by my sight. He is a mirror to my like. He says he is a jar of anger, And all I can do is smile..

With a phone call I goofed up the names.. I knew this conversation is now in vain. But I spoke to Neha as if there is no end, And I never knew.. my heart was sent!

Don't ask me if he is the one, I wont tell you if she is the one..

Messages became phone calls and phone calls made meetings..
I don't know.. when I look at her.. my heart starts beating..
We had fights that got hearts bleeding..
But we forgive as it was one soul in making..

No story has happy endings.. Even a fairy tale has eyes tearing.

Love is to smile, Love is to cry..
Love is to make life
Love is not to find someone perfect..
Love is to think and understand perfect..

May be we are just perfect together..
That's why God chose us for each other..

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